Golf Swing Alignment

If I hit it right, it's a slice. If I hit it left, it's a hook. If I hit it straight, it's a miracle. - Anonymous

Golf is a target game and direction is 50 percent of the equation in producing the desired results from golf shots.

80-85 percent of all swing problems arise from incorrect alignment.

The path of the golf swing is linear which means the clubface must travel along the target line for a length of time. Gettyimages_79299159

In order to produce this result let's analyze how we aim.

In a perfect world aim would remain a constant in all levels of golfer's ,however as the ball either slices or hooks people make various compensations for their swing faults within their aim.

How The eyes Influence Aim

The problem with aiming in golf relates to the eyes which view the shot from a place in-between the club head and your body line creating an optical illusion.

With binocular vision when looking front on both eyes focus in on what's called the triangulation focal point.

Your right eye is further away from the target than the left eye when your head turns to view the target and the result is right-handers frequently aiming their shoulders too far to the right. Its a visual mistake where the shoulders line with the sighting eye.

Because the eye balls are round the straight line becomes curved elliptically to the right and the more right eye dominant the more it curves.

I find the best way to make sure you are aligning your shoulders though is to make a conscious movement and turn your head further around towards the target as you set your alignment.

The clubface is the only object coming into contact with the ball and the left shoulder is the primary controller of the club heads path so we need the shoulders aligned correctly in the golf swing.

In the correct alignment my preference is to have your shoulders even be a little open at address as this helps the takeaway in keeping the club more on plane.

So remember unless you are conscious of this visual problem chances are you are aiming to far to the right , this will then create problems with your swing path into the ball.

To hit it straight you have to AIM... Parallel Left.