Junior Golf Coaching

The following coaching tips are based on my personal experience and years of making mistakes and learning from them. Hopefully this will shorten your learning curve and help you make your practices more effective and more enjoyable:

1. When you start your practice, explain to your players the main goals of that practice. They will be much more motivated and focused than if you just begin your lesson with instruction.

2. Be aware of how much you correct the players and how much you praise their execution. Don't fall into the trap of only correcting. Most players respond negatively after a while. They know that they made a mistake and they want to hear good things too.

3. Just to check how this works decide that you won't correct players (or criticize) for one whole week. If they make a mistake, be quiet. If they make a good shot or the correct movement, praise them. You'll see something amazing after one week. Trust me.

4. Avoid spending all the time on the driving range simply hitting golf balls, players need to spend practice time on the golf course also.

5. Make little changes (imagine a ship sailing in the sea) and after some time they will be much closer to reaching their destination. This is one of the most important golf coaching tips.

6. Make the transition from one drill to another or a playing situation logical. Don't just mix drills that you read in some drill book. The lessons need to have some sense to make the best out of your players.

7. Even when you practice for serious competitions try to implement some fun games and drills. This helps the players lose some of the tension that they accumulate during the practice and in anticipation of the tournament.

8. When you practice with girls or women know they really don't want to work on their weaknesses. Practice a lot of areas that they are good at. Men are much more ready to grind it out until it works well. This is of course just what the majority of the male and female players prefer. There always are exceptions.

9. When you are at a tournament with your players don't talk too much about the upcoming round. This signals to your players that you are worried. That means that you don't trust them.

Just say a few most important things and trust that they will play well. Your players will feel that positive energy and respond to it much better that to lots of analytical talking.

10. Respect your players no matter what they do. They will then respect you. Do not fall into the trap of feeling superior to them since you know so much more. If they feel inferior, they will lose confidence.

You must be someone who organizes and advises to players, not someone who commands and doesn't listen to their wishes.

Being a good golf coach is not so much about knowledge, although this is necessary to a certain extent. The most important part is the relationship between the coach and the player. The player must feel trusted, being a worthy person and a champion golf player.

This is probably the most important golf coaching tip in my experience. Darren Golsby www.golsbygolf.com