Constant Small Improvements for Long-term Success

You should analyze youself after every shot. Look where the ball went and question what you did to get that result.

This Information and education will assist in improving your game.

Get the information from recommended books and videos. Get it from golf professionals who know what they are talking about, but always be wary of getting advice from friends and playing partners. There are always people willing to give you advice but bad advice is a lot worse than no advice at all.

If the ball has gone somewhere other than the right direction, check your alignment and see if your final stance is correct. There will be a lot of information as to why your shot has gone astray. You can look at your divot and observe the path of your club. Look at the position of your feet after the shot. Maybe your shoes are letting you down by allowing too much movement in the conditions you are playing in.

Also look at the final position of your golf club. Consider how you were holding the club and whether you were gripping it too hard. You shouldn't over analyze during the course of a game but making small improvements throughout play, when you notice areas that need adjustment, can pay dividends at the end of play.

By constantly chipping away at all aspects of your game you will see noticeable improvements that can take your handicap to the next level and that is why practice is so important. And the practice that is most important are in the areas that you find you have the biggest weaknesses.

While it might be more fun to go to the driving range and hit the ball as far as possible, you will probably see better results from improving your short game or getting better at getting your distance right on the putting green.