Fairytale Golf

How to see the reality? Challenge your mind!   When a player plays his game, he has certain expectations and certain beliefs about the game and himself.

He tries to be a good player - to putt well under pressure, to hit greens under pressure or maybe even not to feel pressure at all.

I call this the beautiful story of golf. This is a fairy tale. :)

Here's why: when I watch P.G.A and L.P.G.A players I don't see perfect people - players. I see normal people with many mistakes and imperfections.

They get upset, they feel the nerves, they choke, they change their minds during the round and go against thier game plans , they make double bogey's, they start playing tentatively at the end of the round, they don't take advantage of birdie putts, they lose tournaments after having a big lead etc ...

That's what I see - that's the reality of human beings playing golf.

Now here's where it gets really interesting: when a player realizes that he has a certain mental problem, he wants to get rid of it. And not only that - his coach or parents try to help him by telling him what is wrong and how to change that.

Now - in 90% of cases a player is not able to do that. Our brain is wired the way it is wired. Changing our subconscious reaction to certain events is almost impossible. We react to danger automatically. We cannot force ourselves to not being nervous at the start of the round.

Some people feel more of that and some feel less of that.

We cannot force ourselves and not feel upset after a mistake. These emotions come from our beliefs and our automatic response to mistakes which may have been established since our age of 4 or 5 years old.

We can change beliefs by challenging them, but we cannot change how our brain reacts to certain situations which we stored in our brain at a very young age.

So, back to the player - when a player realizes, that he has a problem and that he cannot change it, he feels very disappointed.

He wants to be a mental winner. He wants to be a good player. He wants to win and to feel strong and positive, he wants to be always totally motivated, and he doesn't want to feel anxiety before the round and so on.

These are all traits of golf champions and we - coaches and parents constantly show our players (or if you a player yourself - to yourself) what they should be like.

"This is how a true champion plays, he ALWAYS hits a good drive on the first hole ect ..."

First, all those statements are not true. Champions are not perfect. They may have a better percentage of playing really good golf, but they do falter many times.

Second, unfortunately our player believes that professional's are really so good and he sees, that he has some mental problems and that HE CANNOT get rid of them.

Now what is his conclusion?

That he has no chance whatsoever to get better.

This is so sad. Because our mind sees only what we believe. If we believe that we are bad and that we make too many mistakes to be a good player - we will see that!

If we think that our putting is really bad, that's what we'll remember after the round!   Hence we need to challenge those beliefs! They are not true.

Our mind sees ONLY what we BELIEVE.

That's why it is critical to be very realistic, to hear other's opinion and to be open to it. You can change your beliefs by proving to yourself that they are not true.

The next step is to realistically observe rounds of the BEST players in the world and see whether they are really so perfect or do they faulter under pressure too.