Fashion On The Course

Golf apparel is among the dorkiest clothiImg_0651ng that is known to man, yet golf is one of the coolest games known to man-why the disconnect?

I mean really, who wears black and white shoes anymore except out on the links? Who wears dress shorts with shoes and socks? 

It doesn't matter what course you play on - private or public - a neatly ironed shirt with a collar for both men and women is an absolute must. Yes, I know some golf courses are not too strict about what you wear and may even permit a regular T-shirt and non-specific pants, but like getting dressed for work I personally advise you to take a bit of pride in your golf clothes when playing the game. Be proud of the way you look and bring your professional appearance with you, I guarantee you will perform better. Considering what to wear on the golf course, bear in mind:

  • the dress code of the course you are visiting
  • weather conditions
  • comfort

Strict dress requirements

Some golf courses are very strict concerning how you appear when playing on their grounds. These strict requirements may be long pants, regardless of the weather. When attending a course with dress codes have comfortable clothes to wear. Pulling out those old slacks an inch too tight is only going to make you uncomfortable and cause you to have less fun on the course.

Plan ahead and shop for some golf clothes that are not only presentable at the best of clubs, but will keep you comfortable during the game.