Fix Golf Slice

I'm not saying my golf game went bad, but if I grew tomatoes, they'd come up sliced. - Lee Trevino

What Causes A Slice?

The first bit of golf swing help I can give you to fix golf slice problems is highlighting the only cause of this problem relates to the clubface being open in relation to the swing path at impact.

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When your clubface is turned open at the point of impact, the ball will generate enormous amounts of clockwise sidespin, thus causing the slice.

If your swing is exaggeratedly outside-in with an open clubface, your clubface will hit the ball with a cut-throat right-to-left action. The ball will also make a clockwise spin and slice. These two errors leave little-to-no chance of keeping the ball in play.

Fix Golf Slice Problems Means Closing The Clubface

The first thing to fix golf slice issues is getting the club to work on a better plane with the clubface rotating properly on plane.

You start by getting some rotation on the backswing and on the way through work on getting the back of the left hand to supernate into impact, when you do this you will square the clubface.

When you hit with the side of your left hand facing the target at impact you are going to slice, you have to get the back of the left hand pointing at the target at impact to square the clubface.

Also work on getting the club more across the line at the top of the backswing this will create more of an arc in the swing which will eliminate the steepness of the swing, you will start swinging more from the inside, which gives you more space and time to square the clubface.

Learn to relax, not only your mind, but your body as well, especially the arms and hands just take the same pressure as when you shake hands with someone.

Drill To Help Fix Golf Slice

Step 1: Take a stick and place it in the ground, approximately 2 feet outside of your right foot, between your stance line and the target line.

Step 2: Now start practicing your in-to-out swing.

Swing the club back keeping it outside of the stick. Now on your downswing, allow the club to pass inside of the pencil, forcing the club head to make the desired in-to-outside swing path.

Too Much Body

Golf players who slice the ball tend to spin their body when swinging, more so than using the hands and arms so slowing the body down in relation the hands and arms will speed up the closing of the clubface.

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