Fixing Your Driver Swing

Through years of experience I have found that air offers less resistance than dirt.
- Jack Nicklaus (explaining why he tees his ball high)


The problem with most people who have trouble driving well off the tee is the fact that they haven't mastered their swing before using a driver.
If you are having trouble with your driver a good way to get back on track is to leave it at home and tee off with a 3-iron instead.

While you won't get the same distance initially you will have more room for error and you will have a better chance of hitting the ball a lot straighter.

The idea is to swing your 3-iron in the same manner, as you would do with the 7-iron.

When you have the right control with this club you will begin to get more distance and you will be swinging in a slower more controlled manner.

Once this is translated to the driver you will realize that you don't have to 'hit' the ball.
You will focus more on control with a slower swing and let the club do the work that you might have been expecting your body to do.

Now taking this one step further, you could substitute the 3-iron for your 7-iron.
As strange as this might seem it was the fastest way that one woman I was playing golf with learnt to master her drive.

She played the 7-iron off the tee until she was consistently getting straight shots and reasonable distance.
Her second shot was generally a 7-iron as well, so she was getting a lot of practice with that club.
While the initial shot wasn't going anywhere near as far as a 3- iron, they were straight and on many holes the combination of two 7-iron shots gave the same result for her as a 3-iron and a 9-iron.

After gaining consistency with the 7 she move to the 3-iron off the tee and eventually the driver.

Sometimes it is faster to take a few steps back to progress sooner.

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