Golf Practice "F"

Face – The Most Important Ball Flight Law

Concept: The position of the club face throughout the entire swing and especially at impact is golf’s most important ball flight law. The club face overrides every other ball flight law and is the secret to understanding your swing.

I was teaching a trainee professional, who had an inside out swing path and yet had a straight left ball flight because at impact the clubface was closed.

Action: Knowing where the club face is pointing throughout your swing is difficult because of the distance it is away from and behind you.

Hold the club right up near the head.

Make mini practice swings keeping the club face square to your body. In other words, keep the leading edge of the club 90 degrees to your shoulder turn. Holding the club small enables you to check your club face is staying square.

Feet Together

Concept: “Balance is counter balance.”

Action: Hit shots with your feet placed squarely together:

This is one of the most popular practice exercises, because it will promote synchronization between your arms and body and prevent bad faults from creeping into your swing.

Place your feet together whenever you start to lose confidence in your swing because of repeated missed shots or ball flight problems.

Figure 8s

Concept: Did you know that a lot of good players talk about figure 8s because the golf swing path is linear?

Action: This action relates to your swing path on the way up and down. For slicers, it involves feeling less inside on the way back and more inside on the way down. Changing the loop or the figure 8 in your swing allows you to close the club face.

Start with small swings with a 7 iron. Focus on the rhythm of the shot—it should almost feel like you are making miniature figure 8s with your body. 

Note: Starting the lower body forward while the arms and club are still going back creates coil in the swing.

Most slicers of the golf ball are missing this piece of the transition and start the downswing with their upper body.


Concept: The wrong concept of keeping your head still throughout your swing creates a tilting motion. Your head should always remain in the middle of your shoulders whilst staying behind the ball at the point of contact.

Action: Use your driving range basket and place your left foot up on the basket. Hit balls keeping the left side of your body up creating an exaggerated angle and eliminating the tilt.

This is a good action for re-training your motor skills or muscle memory; however, remember what I said in the preface about the need to get the understanding first. So, get rid of the head-still concept and instead keep your head in the middle of your shoulders throughout the entire swing. When you keep your head still and everything else moves you will tilt!

Formula 1

Concept: The apex on a chip is like the apex on the corner of a race track. Drivers "hit" the apex to take the straightest line and maintain maximum speed in a corner.

Action: Be sure to avoid the common mistake many golfers make in trying to curve their chip shots. Make all your shots straight by hitting the ball to the top of the apex and letting the greens slope and gravity take care of the rest.