Golf Practice "N"

Neutral Grip

Concept: Looking for the perfect grip? Assuming the perfect neutral position requires some careful application. Remember that your grip relates to your body angles.

Action: 1.    Start by letting your arms hang down free of tension, with your
       hands on either side of the grip, palms facing one another.

  1. Now feed the club into your left hand, so the club runs diagonally from the first joint of your forefinger up into the fleshy pad at the top of your palm, keeping it under the distal palmer crease. Close your fingers around the grip.
  2. Your left thumb should rest on top of the grip, just right of center. In a mirror, only two knuckles on your left hand should be visible to you.
  3. 4.      To apply the right hand to the club, keep in mind the all-important palms-facing principle. Bring the right hand in toward the grip and wrap the fingers around it. The right hand should fit snuggly on top of the left, the right thumb and forefinger forming a soft trigger around the grip.


Concept: Most mistakes in the golf swing are the result of either an incorrect set-up position or the wrong movement in first foot of the backswing. Moe Norman was famous, not only as a player but for his unique method of swinging the club. He would pre-set his takeaway, setting the club on the ground behind the ball.

Action: Pre-set the club on the ground about one grip length back from the ball and complete the backswing.

“There are four things I can’t do (placing the club one foot away from and behind the ball). I can’t take it outside, I can’t pick the club up, my right shoulder is already into my turn and I eliminate one foot of my backswing.”
—Moe Norman.


Concept: Next time it begins to get a little dark towards the end of your practice session, don’t race into the clubhouse. Instead, hit a few extra shots in the dark.

Action: Hit chip and pitch shots in the dark to develop your feel for distance. It will take your short game to another level making it so much easier when you play in the daylight.

You want your game to be like walking into a dark room and turning on the light switch, without even thinking about it. The Japanese call this mushin meaning “no mind”.

No More Fat Shots

Concept: Next to the slice, the fat shot is another common problem golfers struggle with. However, the solution is a lot easier than you may think. It has to do with your back shoulder, which is likely dipping toward the ground during your downswing making the club hit the grass too early.

Action: Start your downswing with your arms, instead of driving your legs. For most people this may be difficult to master because of the swing habit, but once you reprogram your swing, fat shots will be a thing of the past. Keep your hips still allow the weight to shift, without being forced. Also, be sure to check that you are not standing too far from the ball.

Not Enough Distance

Concept: A common trademark among golfers who have the ability to send the ball flying phenomenal distances is turning the hips to the left during the downswing, while at the same time extending the right arm through the swing.

Action: 1.    Start by teeing up the drive in your normal stance.

  1. Place the ball down off your left heel (and/or opposite to the left armpit).
  2. Without moving your stance, reach down and slide the ball towards your target at approximately the same distance of a grip.
  3. Tee up your ball at that very spot, which should be 10 to 12 inches closer to the hole. Your address for the ball should be back where your normal position was.
  4. Hit the ball moving the hips to the left so your arms “reach” the ball. This will invariably cause your right arm to extend.

Practice at least 30 times before hitting the ball in its normal position. By that time you should have improved your distance significantly.

Now You See It Now You Don’t

Concept: The left wrist controls the club face, so it is very important to get the left wrist flat at the impact position.

Action: Place a ball in the palm of your left hand and form a fist around it. Pronate your left arm as you practice swinging into your backswing position.

In your downswing, supernate or roll the forearm back.

Following impact, as your palm is facing up the ball will be visible.