Golf Mind Game Explained

All sports have 4 main areas - technical, tactical, physical and mental.

Golf is no exception and the mental part of golf is usually the deciding factor. So why is the mental part of golf so challenging? How come we see so many intelligent, successful adult people cursing and throwing clubs on the golf course?

A winning golfing mind can be achieved by anyone like everything in golf, it takes practice.

Have you noticed that good players are almost equal in physical, technical and tactical abilities? Yet only a few of them are winners.

In golf contol of the mind is the crucial factor that seperates the best from the rest. Everyone who ever played the game of golf has experienced psychological problems. Even just practicing or learning to play involves certain mental challenges.

The mental challenges often begin with pre-match anxiety. They continue with various emotional ups and downs during the round, like going from a bad mood, losing focus and feeling frustrated ... to being anxious, nervous and angry.

Players "lose" themselves in the emotional storms of the mind and play golf well below their potential.

Answer Pro Golf IQ

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