Maintaining A High Level Of Concentration

Maintaining a high level of concentration during a golf round takes a lot practice.

Most golf players start a round focused, but get often distracted and this results in a lower level of concentration towards the end of their round.

Can we stay focused throughout the whole golf round?

To prevent concentration loss is impossible. We are human beings and our minds keep producing thoughts, even when we don't want them to.

When we break a round of golf down we don't need to concentrate for long.

Below are some ideas for improving your concentration during your round.

1 Focus on one thought, object or action at a time.

This occupies the mind so much you don't get distracted by other things.

2. Control the Ups and Downs.

You must control the breaks when your mind can rest from the mental effort concentration requires. These breaks include:

a) Breaks between shots, as soon as the shot is over use the Fudge- Fix- Forget- Focus- System.

Golf Maintain A High Level Of Concentration Australia

Fudge: Vent your emotions over your shot, let go of any disappointment whilst maintaining acceptable levels of golfing etiquette.e.g don't snap your club!

Fix: Go over your swing and do the correct swing movement for the shot you just fininshed.

Forget: Arrive at the course with your favourite song in your head to sing between the time you walk from your last shot to within 10 meters of your next shot. This will take your mind off the round and allow you to relax.

Focus: Within 10 meters of your next shot begin focusing in on what the shot calls for, club selection, wind variables, pin placement ect.

b) Build-ups on tees - do the same, except now you have more time for everything. You can spend a little more time analyzing previous holes , but take a break from thinking and let your mind rest.

Learn to empty your mind during breaks and rest in anticipation of raising your concentration again.

3. Monitor and increase your concentration if needed.

Try to check your level of concentration from 1 to 10. At first, you'll forget to, since we seldom observe ourselves and our thinking.

Once your concentration level is not high enough, you can refocus by reminding yourself of the goal or just by fixing your eyes on the ball.

Eventually, you become more aware of your concentration level and you know how to keep it up for a longer time.

If you can master the art of concentration and keep it up longer during a swing and during the whole round, you will find yourself the winner.