Golf Practice A TO Z "C"

Chipping With A Broom

Concept: One of the golden rules of chipping is “the hands lead the club head through the hitting area”.

Action: Use a long stick or broom and allow the extra length to sit by your left side and practice making chip shots with the stick in front of your body. If you flick your wrists, the stick will fling back and hit your body.

Warning: Most times, the wrong wrist conditions are a product of incorrect body angles caused by the player trying to lift the ball.

Once you establish the correct wrist conditions at impact you can then work on variations with your chip shots.

Chair Rocking

Concept: There is so much confusion in golf as to what should start the downswing. Over the years, I have been asked this question countless times and have always given the same answer:

What starts your backswing?

Action: Take your golf stance and place a chair on the outside of your left leg. Swing to the top of your backswing without moving off the chair. On the downswing, bump slightly into the chair, enough to tip it off the legs closest to you. This is the correct hip movement.

In the swing, there needs to be this slight lateral motion first before the hips go around. Get this movement correct and you will drop the club into the correct slot, creating the required linear path through the ball.

Circuit Training

Concept: Circuit training is an excellent way to simultaneously improve mobility, strength and stamina.

Action: Add a weighted golf club to your training program to increase your swing speed, power and distance. This is as golf-specific as you can get. By using this training principle you will accelerate your results.

So set up a work station, so to speak, with a weighted club and spend five-minute intervals there during your practice session.

Clap Hands Split Hands

Concept: Through impact, the golf swing travels on a linear path or along the target line for a length of time. (Not all the time.) To make this happen, the left shoulder moves up through the ball as the right arm pushes down.

Action: Take your set-up position and clap your hands together sliding your right hand down as you pull the left arm and shoulder up, simulating impact. Your left shoulder moving up creates the correct shoulder angles through the ball.

Note: This up and down movement is what a lot of commentators cannot understand in Tiger Woods’ swing. From the top of his swing, Tiger drops his head before springing back up through impact. This is how he creates the linear path.

Competitive Nature

Concept: The golfer who is able to sink putts under intense pressure is not talented, he is gifted! And being gifted comes from practicing your skills.

Action: Measure a putter length and place a tee in the ground. Sink 20 putts in a row. If you miss one putt you must start again. It’s amazing the pressure you will be under on the 19th putt knowing if you miss you will have to start again.

Tiger Woods does this drill and gets well into the thousands before he misses.