Golf Practice "M"

Machine Gun

Concept: Go with the flow.

Action: Place 5 balls in a row and hit each ball without stopping your swing, just like the constant fire of a machine gun.

The way to fix your golf swing is by first looking at your ball flight, seeing which way it is curving.

Next, take a look at your club face. What is it doing in relation to the flight?

Then, check your hands and arms and how they are working before finally checking your body angles.

When all of this gets too confusing and you find yourself overanalyzing, break it up with the machine gun.

Masking Tape

Concept: You have to hit the ball with a downward descent in order to get it up into the air. This is true for every club in your bag, except the driver and your putter.

Action: Place a piece of masking tape on the front of the ball. Swing, making sure as you contact the ball you also make contact with the masking tape.

Hitting the ball with a descending blow enables the club head to hit the ball into the air because of the club's built-in loft. When you make the mistake of hitting “up” on the ball it ends up with missed hits and lack of distance.

Medicine Ball Throw

Concept: Build the correct arm and body relationship whilst building core strength.

Action: Take your posture and hold a medicine ball between your two hands. Throw the ball toward the target whilst maintaining your body angle getting the motion from the body out through the arms.

Mirror On The Wall

Concept: Take your stance with your chest facing A mirror, as if you're hitting a ball to the side. Get set and then look up at the mirror.

Action: 1.    Look at the way you are standing. Are your feet open to the target line?

  1. Look at the face angle of the blade on the club. Is it square to the target line?
  2. Look at the angle of the shaft. Do you have the club properly positioned with a slight forward lean?
  3. Look at where your head is. Can you see down the target line?
  4. Look at how far apart your feet are. Are they shoulder-width?
  5. Notice where your hands fall. Are they close to your body or gripping the club tightly?

Looking at yourself in the mirror gives you immediate feedback. Recognizing where your body is, as opposed to where you think it is helps to train your mind and muscles.


Concept: One problem most golfers have is keeping the lead foot planted when they take their swings.

Action: Place a coin on top of the shoe of your lead foot. If the coin falls off when you take the swing, you’re moving the foot too much. If it stays on, you’ve achieved a nice level swing with good balance.