Golf Practice "Z"

Zero In On Shot Shaping

Concept: The great thing about playing a dogleg hole is the opportunity it presents from the tee. Depending on your confidence and driving ability, this type of hole can be played as long or as short as you like.

Action: Play 18 holes, always making your shot follow the contours of the hole. For example, if the hole is bending from the left to the right and the trouble area is in the bend, and you have decided not to cut the corner, then aim your tee shot towards the left of the fairway with a fade to the center.

Zero In On Breaking 90

Concept: To consistently score under 90.


To break 90, make par one more than the actual par itself. So, if the par of a hole is three, your personal par will be four. Thus, you are successful when you get the ball onto the green in two shots.

If the hole is a par-4, your individual par should be five, and you should be aiming to get the ball on the green in three shots. The same goes for a par-5, with your personal par being six for the hole. Success is getting the ball onto the green in four shots.

If you continue with this strategy you will begin to see by continuing to get the ball onto the green within your individual par, you will have the opportunity to take 2 putts on each hole and stay within the average score of five= (total score of 90).

Zero In On The Target Line

Concept: The fundamental goal of golf is simple: Get the ball in the hole with the least amount of strokes using a variety of shots – chipping, pitching, full shots, and putting. So, the one skill that all good golfers learn is how to really zero in on the target line.

Action: Use your breath to connect yourself to your target. As you look at the target, draw your breath all the way along the target line to the club head then up the shaft into your stomach. Breathe out down your arms along the shaft through the club head along the target line until your reach your target.

After repeated practice with this technique your breath will feel like a laser beam.

Zero In On Eye Control

Concept: Do you find yourself looking at hazards, out of bounds, and the rough on the golf course?

Action: Separate 10 balls from your practice basket. Place the balls alongside your mat, and hit all 10 balls working on your eye control.

The only objects you are allowed to look at are the balls, your club head, and the target. Make sure you go through your per-shot routine for each ball and maintain strict eye contact only on the objects mentioned.

Zero In On keeping The Club Outside Your Hands

Concept: One of the most common swing errors occurs when golfers take their club too far inside the plane on the backswing. This move leads to many bad shots, including duck hooks, topped shots, and slices.

Action: Place your body with the wall behind you and take your address position with your backside touching the wall. Now, simulate your backswing (in slow motion) until your arms reach waist height.

Note: If your club touches the wall, you are too far inside