Golf Practice "T"

Ten Pin Bowling

Concept: Clearing the hips the wrong way.

Action: Hit balls and copy the professional ten pin bowlers by keeping your right leg behind the left. As you start your downswing, slide your right leg behind your left.

This is one of the biggest changes in Tiger Woods’ swing over the years.

Tiger stopped spinning his hips and snapping his left leg after it caused his injury.  


Concept: Speed relates to movement.

Action: People often slow their swings down because they have been told they are swinging too fast. The reason people suggest this is because speed relates to movement, and being out of position means making catch-up moves.

This is not the correct fix as it will only result in a slower version of the wrong positions. Instead, work on staying in the correct body shape or improving your pivot motion.

Tilt Your Head

Concept: To hit the perfect golf shot, your head must remain behind the ball throughout the swing, including the point of impact.

Action: In order to maintain this action, many golfers tilt their head to the right (if they are right-handed) to ensure that their head remains behind the ball when they swing. Take a look at Lorena Ochoa for an example of such a move.

If you tend to slice the ball when you hit it, turn your head slightly in the direction of the back foot just before your downswing swing, always maintaining eye contact with the ball, and see if this improves your control and accuracy.

Tooth Paste

Concept: The number one enemy in creating distance from your shots is too much tension.

Action: The hands are the first place this tension starts, the so-called death grip. To put it more simply, you are squeezing the club too tight. A tube of tooth paste is a good indicator to how tight you should be holding the club. Your grip should only be tight enough to squeeze out a normal amount of toothpaste.

Tree trouble

Concept: Direct force is more powerful than lots of motion.

Action: You can make solid contact without excess movements in your swing.

Find a tree that restricts your backswing. Practice hitting shots from this position and making solid contact. Observe that the ball travels almost the same distance as when you use more movement.

Think about how many times you have been under a tree branch only to find yourself flushing your recovery shot. It is because the focus was on making solid contact.