Golf Practice "U"

Under-extend The Arms

Concept: It seems that most golfers come in one of two groups:

Either you twist your arms so much that they are coiled and the elbows are both pointed at your belt buckle or your elbows chicken wing or point out too much.

Action: 1.    Start by relaxing the shoulders.

  1. Drop the arms to your sides so that they are “hanging” naturally.
  2. Pull you shoulder blades back and under extend the arms reliving tension in your forearms.

Under The Horizon

Concept: Compress the golf ball.

Action: On the range, work on keeping your right palm under the horizon as you swing beyond impact. This will train you to run all your power through the ball and is good for anyone who has a tendency to scoop the ball into the air.

The best news is it’s a free training aid.

Note: To take this point further, there is never a situation in golf where you should try to lift or “help” the ball into the air. The loft on the club will always get the job done for you.

Under the Plane

Concept: Dipping your back shoulder within the first part of your backswing can cause numerous swing problems. The back shoulder dip can cause you to get under the plane, produce an improper weight shift throughout the swing, resulting in a poor follow-through position, and causing incorrect wrist conditions at impact.

Action: Take a golf ball and place it underneath your back foot. Make sure that half of the ball is buried in the ground, sitting directly underneath your heel. By preventing the unwanted weight transfer, your shoulder stays up and makes the plane of your backswing more vertical in the takeaway.

Achieving the right swing plane angle is determined by your position, or setup. Try not to stand too close to the ball and make sure that you are bending just the right amount from the hips.

Upper Turn

Concept: Direction of turn vs. amount of turn

Action: After taking your posture, place a long post behind your neck the same way you would if you were doing squats in a gym. Practice your turn, keeping the post 90 degrees to your posture angles.

Moe Norman said the shoulders should only turn 17 degrees, so work around this angle. It is not until you put your left arm across your body that the turn will seem greater.

Note: Building coil in your swing generates more distance.


Concept: Hit down to hit up, even when every fiber in your body wants to hit up the slope!

Action: All your clubs are designed to get the ball into the air, without any scooping action—even clubs like the driver and the 3 iron.

Stand on an upslope and make swings into the hill against the slope with a downward swing. If you keep the weight on your left foot and lean on your left side, the ball has no choice but to travel up into the air.