Defeat Your Golf Putting Tips 

On your journey to defeating the golf putting yips, head on over to the practice green and work on these remedies.

1. The first thing you must do is get rid of the ball, and get your technique better, this may take some lesson's.

2. Now re-introduce the ball, the best way is to have your friend or teacher hold the ball above your stroke. Let them keep you guessing whether they will drop it or not so you dont know... keep taking practice swings... once you hit the dropping ball you should experience a good shot because of the acceleration through the ball that you haven't felt before.

3. Try out different putters. 

The Belly Putter

The belly putter is longer than the traditional putter and shorter than the long putter.

You grip the belly putter as you may imagine by the image the name conjures up, by anchoring the top, butt end of the club, into your belly. By anchoring the putter in your belly, the motion of the stroke becomes simpler and more reliable like a pendulum effect, as with the long putter.

The Long Putter

Long putters cannot be swung without free-flow. The weight of the putter-head swings by itself straight back and forth like the pendulum on a clock

4. Hit a few putts with your eyes focused on the hole or anywhere other except hard focussed on the ball.

5. Try hitting some putts by hitting the middle of the golf ball with the bottom portion (leading edge) of the putter blade. Of course do not use this type of putt in a real game.

6. Hit putts with your leading hand. Neutralize your other hand. You may find that you putt more solid this way. If so then this learning experience may tell you that when your back hand is gripping the putter, the back wrist may be flipping before impact or creating the yips, in which case the reverse overlap grip would help.

7. Hit some putts using different color balls.

8. Don't allow your eyes to follow the putter head during the stroke. To help focus on the ball, pick a small, noticeable mark on the ball to look at. Keep your eyes fixed on the brand name, printed logo, a simple dimple, or an identification mark throughout your stroke.

Learn From Tiger Wood's Solid Stance

The next time you watch Tiger Woods putt, ignore for a moment where the ball goes and focus instead on his hips and legs.

You will notice that they stay absolutely rock-still throughout the stroke. This is hugely significant and one of the major points of difference between top players and many amateurs.

By keeping the hips and legs steady, Tiger establishes a solid foundation as he swings the putter back and through. It makes it easier to produce an in-line stroke on a more consistent basis, which leads to sweet strikes. This feature of Tiger's putting stroke is well worth copying.

- The size of the swing should be in proportion to the length of the putt. Too much swing will result in a loss of accuracy.

- Tiger uses the reverse overlap putting grip. It is thought to be the best way to control the putter.

- The putter meets the ball on a slight upward arc, imparting a smooth roll.