Kangaroo Hop (Part 1)

Concept: The wrong sequence of movements can lead to an overturning pivot action. In the golf swing, the direction of turn is far more important than amounts of turn.

Action: Jump up and down on the spot. Feel how the body and the arms work together to build coil. The idea in the golf swing is to build coil with your turn, so there needs to be some resistance.

Kangaroo Hop (part 2)

Concept: The correct movement in the golf swing involves the arms moving up and down while the body moves around. If the body has formed a tilting motion, the arms will compensate by going around too flat.

Action: Start with your club behind the ball and begin bouncing the club, lifting it up and down as you complete your backswing; imagine a kangaroo hopping. This bouncing up and down is designed to get your arms working in the correct direction up and down instead of around, which causes too flat a plane.

Karate Kid

Concept: "Learn the principle, abide by the principle, and dissolve the principle. In short, enter a mold without being caged in it. Obey the principle without being bound by it. LEARN, MASTER AND ACHIEVE!!!" —Bruce Lee.

Action:Learn the principles of golf, understand the 5 ball flight laws: club face, club speed, club angle, club path, and club center. Play the game using these principles without being molded into a limited technique that says, for example, that you must pivot this way or clear your hips that way.

In fixing your swing, look first at what the ball flight is doing, then check the club face, followed by what the hands and arms are doing, before finally fixing your body.

Keeping The Wrist Hinge gradual

Concept: When using the wrists, there needs to be a gradual hinging and unhinging throughout the swing:

Action: Set the club at waist height, so the club is parallel to the ground and parallel to your feet line. From here, take the club to the top of the swing without any further wrist action. This will eliminate your excessive wrist break causing you to swing steep or over-swing.


Concept: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Next time you are in any of these situations, keep it simple.

Action: Any time you are dealing with bad lies. Play the ball back further in your stance if the ball is in a bad lie and you have doubts about hitting the shot as is.

Shots played from hardpan lies. Whenever you are playing from a bare or hardpan lie, try not to use a club that has a wide sole. The pitching wedge and sand wedge are examples of such clubs. Instead, try using a club with a thinner sole and a straighter face, like a 7 iron.

Ball is above your feet side hill lie. On a side hill lie with the ball above foot level, aim towards the right of the target. The idea is to work with the ball's natural tendency to curve towards the left in mid flight because of the combination of the slope and the closed clubface during impact.