Golf Swing Instruction

Golf instruction comes in many forms some of it with bells and whistles other just plain black and white.

So how do you know you are not being sold a copy. With so many golf professionals (non tournament) in the world all looking for a way to make a living perhaps we have seen an industry plagued by the definition of counterfeit.

Definition: "A counterfeit product is an imitation which infringes upon a production monopoly held by either a state or corporation. Goods are produced with the intent to bypass this monopoly and thus take advantage of the established worth of the previous product".

An example of this is the  counterfeit golf clubs arriving from China, copies of the originals but did you realise it exists in golf instruction.

There are two truths that exist within the golf swing satisfying the absolute's of distance and direction. Anything away from these truths becomes imitation or counterfeit golf instruction.

In isolation every piece of golf instruction can help somebody because every golfer has different swing problems, however when it comes to the words used in describing the swing and teaching golf such as inside and outside and leverage and store up, they are copies.

Don't get me wrong the reason these words and phrases and even teaching packages exist is because they are very close to the original and therefore hard to differientiate however they are not the original and I attribute this to the fact that:

80% of golfers never achieve a sub 18 handicap.

94% complain about inconsistency.

71% complain they slice the ball

62% complain they can't get distance with their swings

(Source: Revista Golf International. November 2000)

Over the years having in lived in various Asian country's on more than one ocassion I have been given counterfeit money, the reason I accepted it is because I didn't know what the real money looked like.

When they train bank telllers to look for counterfeit money they give them the real money to study the original , this way they can identify any form of counterfeit.

Most golfers accept the copy instruction because they don't know what the original looks like.

Tiger woods is the example of a golf swing finding truth , in his early days he was all over the course with fake instruction even causing him an injury to his left knee.

Tiger Woods golf lessons today demonstrate an obvious shift, he is now working on information that control's distance and direction, and the scary thing is he has room for improvement. I predict he will hit his peak in his early forty's when he will own his golf swing.

Article wriiten by AAA Rated P.G.A member Darren Golsby