Golf Practice "A"


Concept: Have you ever run a 100-metre sprint race? In golf we use the word “follow” which means to come after, assuming that once we have hit the ball we can slow down.

Wrong! The fastest point in the golf swing should be after we have made contact with the ball in the same way a sprinter runs through the finish line in a running race.

Action: Without a ball, use an impact bag to practice reaching the point of maximum extension in your swing. Practice maintaining golf swing speed all the way into the bag placed 1 foot past impact. This will retrain your subconscious mind into swinging past the ball which can add 10-20 miles per hour to your hitting zone, resulting in more distance off the tee.


Concept: Building the right set-up position is crucial for developing the correct sequence in the golf swing. In golf we swing on an arc, so we need to set the spine tilt away from the target.

Action: Bend from the hips and stretch your arms out parallel to the ground. Tilt your arms like an aeroplane making a right turn. This will place the top of your spine further from the target than the base of the spine. Now bring your arms down and grip the club.

Remember within the golf swing everything travels at the same RPM so the outside of your swing is travelling faster than the inside.


Concept: Aiming in golf is fundamental. What can make it difficult to do are the eyes viewing the target from a place in between the club head and the body line, creating an optical illusion and causing golfers to aim right.

Action: After taking your set-up, place the club head in front of the ball towards the target. Next lift the club head back over behind the ball without moving your body. As you do this, the right side of your body will turn more into the left side, aligning your body parallel left of the target.

Note: Nobody with a straight gun barrel would aim away from the target, so if you have developed other habits, for example, aiming left to allow for a slice, then fixing your alignment should be secondary. Instead, work on your swing path and club face angle until you begin missing shots to the left.

Apple Cart

Concept: One of the most common mistakes people make is casting the club and letting the club head overtake the hands coming into impact. This causes the arc of the swing to bottom out before it reaches the golf ball.

Action: Store the power source and expend it all on the ball.

If you are advised not to upset the applecart you do not disturb the way things are. Place four balls in a row about one grip length from the back of your ball, like a dam. Take your normal set-up position and swing back without hitting the balls, then swing into impact without hitting the balls. You will feel like the clubhead is coming into the ball from a higher point.

Arm Speed

“Art said he wanted to get more distance. I told him to hit it and run backwards.” —Ken Venturi, talking about Art Rosenbaum.

Concept: Centrifugal force in the golf swing involves the outside point of the golf swing or the club head accelerating from the inside. The mistake golfers make is trying to get golf swing speed from the club head.

Action: Use a cut-down club to bring the swing arc closer to your body. Take your normal grip and swing the club back and forth in small amounts as if you are putting.

Start slowly, and then increase the speed and keep the movement small.

Your arms will start burning if you are doing this correctly. Let the force come from your body into your arms and finally into the club head.