Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

Arm Speed is different to club head speed!

To take a quote from one of the greatest ball strikers of all time, Moe Norman he said "it's the centrifugal force that comes from the body and through the arms and into the club head, that is the way to generate power."

Centrifugal force: Moving outwards from the centre

Centripetal force: Proceeding towards the centre

A straight ball flight needs equal inner pulling (left side) and a equal outer pushing (right side).Golfswingspeedchart

Often golfer's trying to generate golf swing speed end up moving their body's way to much leading to inconsistency and often this leads to slower arm speed because the body and arms are not in sync and the centrifugal force is not generated.

This normally results in a last minute catch up with the arms coming into the ball and will often look like a flick in an attempt to generate all the power from the radial accelerator.

I work at building golf swings where the body moves less and is economical whilst still producing force outward through the arms which moves the club head faster.

On the tour you will see a lot players generating a lot of arm speed these days, for example Tiger calls it his stinger and why does he do it? To achieve more control it is a smaller motion with faster arms

Next time you are at the range try hitting some knock downs shots or punch shots with 20-30 balls of your practice session and compare the results in the ball flights distance and control whilst doing this.

You might be amazed to find you actually hit the ball further because you are generating more arm speed.

In conclusion to isolate the body or the arms in generating club head speed is wrong. Creating clubhead speed from the inside out is correct.

To best illustrate this misconception observe people swinging speed sticks they often get so focused on the end of the stick and generating speed that they are willing to compromise any form they once had with their body.