How To Decide Whether To Chip, Pitch Or Putt

Why is it that some of the most simple shots in golf can cause the most trouble, even among players of all levels?

I'm not talking about just putting, which is probably the easiest shot to learn in golf. I'm talking about the chip shot and the sometimes difficult pitch shot - both very simple, yet very troublesome.

Perhaps the main difficulty with these easy shots stems from a lack of confidence in whether that shot is the most appropriate one to take in a particular situation.

You ask yourself: maybe a pitch would be better, or perhaps putting the ball on the next shot is better than chipping it.

Such questions tend to cause the average golfer to over-analyze, which only leads to a bad shot.

So let us help you remove the guesswork here so that you can stop the brain freeze.

Golf How To Decide Whether To Chip, Pinch Or Putt Australia

Questions To Ask Yourself

Whenever the ball is on the green you should always put the chip shot aside and go for the putt. And even off the green the putt is the better choice if possible. It's very easy to decide this action and depends on the following points to consider:

1) Can a typical putting stroke get the ball from where it is to the hole?

2) Are you able to take a full swing, back and through, without getting the club stuck in the grass?

3) Is the path between your ball and the hole a clear travel path, without being blocked by obstructions (grass tufts or anything that might slow down or stop the ball)?

The Results:

If you answered yes to the above three questions then the putt is the best choice, not the chip shot. If you answered no to any of the questions, regardless of which one, then go for the chip (or the pitch).

Anytime the putt is too long then the chip shot is best (with of course the term "long" being relative, but anything longer than 18-20 yards is a good average length for most golfers to avoid putting until a closer shot is available).

If you are playing from the collar of the green and there is high grass or rough that could throw your putt off balance, then the chip is ideal.

And third, If there are any rough spots at all on the course in between the ball and the hole, then a pitch shot is recommended.