Is Your Child Ready For Competition?

In sharing my experience on this topic it is my intention to help many parents profit from my experience as a full-time golf teacher.
There are some requirements before you enter your child in a tournament.


- He or she understands and feels that whatever the outcome, your support is 100% guaranteed if they do thier best.

- Your child is having fun experiencing SUCCESS and the CHALLENGES golf asks of them.
After a while this process will enable a POSITIVE SELF CONFIDENCE that is crucial to grow and to become proficient in every aspect of the game of golf (and life)!

He or she has got the TOOLS to enjoy the experience of a tournament

- Knows the rules
- Got the basic skills to play
- Has played almost under identical (training) situation, so he can relate to match in a real tournament.

If you give your child the chance to acquire these FUNdamentals, your kid is ready to enter real competition

This third step is very important for confirming his or her positive mental attitude!

Now they understand and have experienced the true meaning of competition

- competition is a LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, a chance to be taught on many levels (also on other aspects of real life)

-competition is a CHALLENGE and is a mean to reach GOALS

- reaching goals is SUCCESS, whatever the outcome (result).

Best of luck and remember don't over pressure your child...