Junior Golf Instruction & Development

golf ball

The game of golf requires self-discipline, determination and persistence behavior's that help to build character and personal strength in our young people's lives.

To encourage young people to take up the game of golf, is to help them develop positive skills and attitudes and as they progress through further play and competition ultimately succeed in life.

And so it is very important to provide junior's with the most positive environment possible when undertaking golf instruction whilst keeping it affordable to allow as many youngster's as possible access to the game.

Junior golf Instruction and development can range from 5 years up to 16 years and so it also becomes important to provide them with pathways for improvement because this spread in ages will see dissimilar physical and psychological maturation levels.

When developing such pathways age alone is not always the perfect arrangement as even children of the same age can often differ in as much as 2-3 years in physical development be careful that your child does not get mismatched within a junior program.

To be fair though age is probably the best starting point and then ability should be graded within the age group.

Because a juniors attention span is shorter than an adults the interest in detail is less, this does not mean that they should be treated like they cannot handle proper golf instruction it just means that verbal instruction should be kept short whilst visual and kinesthetic instruction through the use of video, pictures demonstration, drills and learning aids should be used with more emphasis.

Safety is something that has to be placed at the top of the list when teaching juniors, be sure to set and demonstrate the rules regarding safety before putting a club in anyone's hand. All driving ranges are usually marked with lines and these need to be clearly explained to your boy or girl because a golf club is a very dangerous weapon when it is swung at speed.

Getting your child properly fitted equipment is very important so as not to impede with their learning. The most common mistake parents make is cutting down an old club of their own thinking this will be ok! The problem with doing this is that the clubs are too heavy and the shafts are too stiff. Now days there are plenty of junior sets to choose from and they will give your child the best opportunity to improve at the game.

In order for you to see your child stick to golf realise also that while instruction on the driving range is one thing, this will have very little appeal if your child does not have a chance to play on the golf course. Getting involved in a golf club is the best way to ensure your child gets to experience what the game is all about. Some golf clubs even have a few extra holes or a short 4 hole course which is ideal depending on the age of your child.

Best results are attained when the instruction is kept fun creative contests and competitive games offer great motivation for your child to work at their games.