Golf Club Repair

Junior Golf Clubs: How Small Should A Child Be To Use Them?

There are two ways to outfit a youngster who is starting to play golf.

You can either pass down the Parent's clubs as is, cut them down to fit at a golf club repair shop, or buy junior sized clubs.

Either method can work fine, depending upon how old the child is and his or her size.

Two important points must be kept in mind: First, a child should start with clubs they can manage easily. Otherwise, they will run into trouble learning a basic, rhythmic golf swing.

Second, he should start using adult clubs, which are cut down, as soon as he can handle them.

Children 10 years or younger, should definitely be using junior clubs. They are very light, short, and balance to fit a young child this age. These clubs should be the ones he learns the fundamentals of golf with.

Fortunately, we now know that cutting down the shaft of an adult club is a bad idea, because doing so creates a very stiff club, which makes it difficult for kids to hit.

Golf companies now provide sets for kids that are customized to their height and age. In addition, these clubs are offered at reasonable prices.

Once your child shows some proficiency with these clubs, they should start swinging adult clubs that are cut down to fit his or her height. This will probably happen around age 12.

Once he has mastered the cut-down clubs and grows a little bit taller, adult clubs will be the next investment.