Keeping The Ball Low

Short Game - 3 Reasons Why Hitting The Ball Low Will Make You A Better Player

Why do most golfers spend their time trying to hit shots airborne at great distances? Perhaps it's ego, or just plain fun. Hitting a great shot into the sky may have some appeal, but when it comes to your short game, you must use different strategies in order to better your score.

One such strategy is to continually hit the ball low. Not only is it effective, but playing it safe with low ball flight tends to produce a better outcome when the scorecards are marked. Your goal should be to score better, right?

By keeping the ball grounded, you have the opportunity to take your ego out of the game and make better decisions with your shots, as in the following examples:

When Your Ball Is Close To The Green

When your ball is close to the green, it is difficult to determine how it will travel when you get it airborne. Judging the ball's destination is much easier when hitting it low enough to keep it grounded.

It only makes sense to keep the ball low enough so that it rolls most of the distance as close to the hole as possible. When your ball is sitting just 30 to 40 yards away from the hole, you will only invite problems if you decide to pop it up into the air.

During Windy Weather Conditions

When you are playing golf during periods of high winds, your shots can turn from easy to disastrous in just one stroke. By hitting the ball high in the air, you give away your control and are more susceptible to the direction that the wind can take it into.

When you avoid low shots on a windy day, the breeze can send your ball flying to the left, to the right, or even carry it a greater distance than the intended destination. By keeping a low the wind has much less of a chance to interfere with the ball's travel path.

When The Ball Has Landed In An Area Which Is Blocking A High Shot

Sometimes the ball will end up underneath a tree or some other immovable obstacle that prevents you from sending it airborne. This is a perfect opportunity to practice your low ball flight in order to remove yourself from a tight situation.