Golf Practice

The human body will not accept mechanics without a pure understanding from the mind. Forcing your body to do movements without first giving it the understanding it needs intellectually does not produce lasting results and often makes golf practice a big waste of time!

Let’s look at the types of learning that take place in the process of good golf and good golf practice.

Whole Skill Learning: In the ideal world a skill should be taught as a whole so the player can appreciate the complete movement and execution of the skill.

Part Skill Learning: When a skill is complex it is more appropriate to break down the movement into its elements. The elements can then be taught separately and linked together to develop the final skill.

Combination: Try the whole skill, break it down into elements, and train with these. Then bring it all back together again.

Before we get into the “details” of golf practice to play great golf, it is important to understand that the #1 reason why most people fail to ever achieve results .In order to ever be successful at anything, all excuses need to go out the window. There is no such thing as poor genetics; no such thing as “not enough time”; no such thing as “it's just too hard” ... no excuses at all for not achieving what you set out to.

There is one other thing, whilst we are looking at your thoughts in the form of concepts and the movements in the form of actions, I would also like to draw awareness to your speech or what you say.

I believe the biggest advantage professional golfers have over amateurs is the conversations they engage in with their caddy before playing every shot. Phil Mickelson is perhaps the most talkative decision maker on tour. So remember to talk positive about both your practice and your play.

Within this practice session menu all aspects of the game are covered, including putting which makes up 45 per cent of the total game and wood play which is a further 25 per cent. The short, medium, long irons and trouble shots make up the other 30 percent.

One last thought: Many players read a lot about golf practice without applying what they read. If you are just going to read these articles, you’ll probably stay at the same level. In fact, the term Kung-fu can be translated as hard work, or more precisely the time and energy spent mastering a craft or skill, so yes, golf could even be classed as a form of Kung-fu. If you actually practice what is in this menu until you achieve a desired result, your game is going to improve dramatically.

In conclusion, think of your practice time as golf swing training (paradigm shift), so like other sports training you work with a plan or structure.