Understanding How To Shift Your Weight

In the Golf swing weight and momentum create leverage and power and allow for the correct physics to take place.

Understanding what weight is will give you the power to stop swaying or shifting out of your spine angle.

Weight is defined as mass held down by gravity and mass is defined as matter and matter does not have a defined shape.

Therefore in the golf swing creating the correct body shape is extremely important in producing an impact position to satisfy the laws of physics and focus should be placed on this position.

Golf swing weight is related to the shape of your body throughout the swing in regards to two masses: the weight of your upper body and your lower body instead of the whole mass.

Players who try to shift "weight" laterally during their back swing will change their spine angle at some point due to the body's natural reaction to staying balanced and "sway" and this is what creates a reverse pivot, one of our games most common swing faults.

Swings created with incorrect weight concept's produce oscillating body's due to the pressure moving in the wrong direction. This creates slower arms due to the body being out of position as the arms wait or stall in relation to the body producing a less powerfull swing.

Swings that transfer weight in the correct direction will appear to have less body movement due to the constant shape, this produces faster arm speed due to the arms being able to work more in sync with the body, creating a swing that is more powerful, and efficient.

To do this you need to start in the right set-up position.

Understanding weight correctly can revolutionize your swing. Why? Because the process of learning about weight transfer is intellectual as oppossed to motor skill learning which requires drilling movement thousands of times.