Golf Swing Changes Why Slow Is Smooth And Smooth Is Fast

During this article we will look at the pursuit of the perfect golf swing and discuss how doing things in slow motion is part of the process.

In more cases than not people looking for the perfect golf swing attempt to rush.

I remember a story once told about a young man who wanted to become a black belt in karate. He had sought out the best teacher in all the land:

The first question he asked the teacher:

Student: How long is becoming a black belt going to take ?

Teacher: 7 years of consistent training.

Student: I will come every day and train for 10 hours per day then I will be a black belt in 4 years.

Teacher If you come every day and train for 10 hours per day and rush the process it will take you 10 years.

In teaching golf over the last 10+ years, experience has taught me that people often over estimate what they can achieve in the short term and under estimate what they can accomplish in the long term.

The best approach is taking constant small actions which when repeated daily produce winning results.

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Slow Motion - Swing Changes

You may be rushing things whilst making your swing changes. Instead start using a slow motion approach to incorporating new movements into your swing.Tiger_swing_cropped

Tiger Woods commented when making his swing changes, he slows things down a lot, you will also catch him doing it at tournaments where he makes slow motion practice swings to better gain an awareness for the position he is looking for.

When making a swing change slow motion comes first then full speed.

Slow Motion - More Awareness

For all you movie buffs, Kevin Costner was the star of "For Love Of The Game."

He plays a professional baseball pitcher, and as he steps to the mound, he takes in all of what surrounds him (the fans, the players, the field, the smells, the lights, everything).

He then focuses in on the catcher and the distance between him and the plate. He tells himself to “clear the mechanism”, and one by one, each disturbance around him clears into a “tunnel” vision from his glove to the catcher.

Is this what Tiger Woods is doing when he explains not being able to remember hitting certain shots or in describing the experience of the last few holes of a pressure packed tournament as going in slow motion.

Even the great Ben Hogan would purposely do everything in slow motion before a tournament.

Remember Slow is Smooth and Smooth Is Fast start taking this approach into all aspects of your golf game you will find the results amazing!  

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