P.G.A Professional Darren Golsby, Reveals Secrets Of Golf Practice In Your Own Home And Best Of All "It Is Free...."

 "Swing Trainer To Improve Your Swing From The Comfort Of Your Own Home"

Free Indoor Swing Trainer
To Improve Your Golf Game Even Without Leaving Your Home!

For over 15 years, Darren Golsby has provided quality golf instruction to golfers of all ages and abilities. 

He is dedicated to helping golfers just like you swing better, score better and have more fun playing golf.

Golf Mind Training From The Horse's Mouth,

Today, Every Coach Is Talking About Mind Training...BUT BEWARE: Many Golf Coaches Ruin Their Players Games With Half Baked Knowledge Of Golf Mind Training..Leave It Up To The Experts

The Following Techniques Are Proven To Work And Were Learnt From Coaching Famous Golf Players

Learn Why...

  • Most Mind Training Coaches Get It Irrepairably Wrong.
  • Professional Golf Players Give A Terrible Performance Despite Outstanding Practice At The Practice Range! Why?(Illustrated With Examples In The Audiobook).
  • Without This POWERFUL ELEMENT Rigorous Training For Months Is Rendered Useless ! Do Not Even Step Foot In The Practice Range Without Knowing This "Indispensable Fact." (Order Now For Only $12).
  • A Coach Ignoring A Players Caddy Is A Coach Ignoring His Player's Performance!

Alright Tell Me What's The Deal?

Pradeep Aggarwal And Darren Golsby Are Presenting  Poweful Mind Training AUDIOBOOKS Proven To Take Players Games From Ordinary To Outstanding In Just A Few Weeks!

Pradeep Aggarwal reveals...


Learn How...


  • How To Win 12 Hours Before The Actual Golf Tournament! Yes It Is Possible!
  • How To Turbo charge Your Practice Session With "Pressure" So You Play Your Each Tournament With Same Ease And Finesse Of Your Practice Sessions. This Technique Alone Is Atleast 20 Times Of The Cost Of This Audiobook.
  • How To Play Outstanding Shots  Without Ever Thinking About Technique!
  • How To Approach Both A 15-Footer & 5-Footer Automatically. You'll Laugh When You Know How Easy It Really Is!
  • How one Simple Change In Your Walking Posture Will Keep You Away From Stress, Make You Feel Fresh & Positive No Matter What!  Very Powerful And Works Right Away.
  • Play Each Shot Exactly As You Want, Every Time Without Fail Automatically.
  • How To Move On From Bad Shot To Great Shot Without Using A Magic Wand!
  • A Simple Habit Which Will Keep You Impervious To All Negativity & Emotions Flying Around You. Get Rid Of Your Mental Baggage. "Bubble Training".
  • How To Literally Gain The Advantage Over Rigorously Practiced And High Performance Opponents With Only 30 Minutes Of Practice. Powerful Training For Time Starved Players. It's Less About Practice And More About Mind Training. I've Seen Inexperienced Mind Trained Players Beat The Hell Out Of Experienced Players With This Training.
  • How To Hone Yourself Right To Play A Powerful Shots.... Nothing is an  Emergency.
  • What Lesson Can You Learn From The Bad Phase Tiger Woods Went Through And The Way He Overcame It.
  • The One Simple Breathing Exercise You Should Learn To Remain Stress Free.
  • Kids Can Teach You A Better Golf Game. A Powerful Lesson Can Be Learnt From Children In Dealing With Expectation & Fear.
  • Learn Why The Key To Long Term Success In Golf Is Enjoying The Game? And nothing else.


  • Resolve The Conflict Between "How To Play The Shot & Playing The Shot?". No One Knows This "Left-Brain-Right-Brain Switch" Training Which Harnesses Your Brain To Do Right Things At Right Time.
  • Take The Fluff Out Of Positive Thinking & Realise The True Power Of It! Think In Pictures.
  • Tap Into The Incredible Power Of Positive Reinforcement!

YES! I Want To Play Outstanding GOLF With This "Powerful Mind Training AUDIOBOOK!"
YES! I'm Ready To Make Upgradation To The MASTER's Game.



AUDIOBOOText12_K WORTH.........................$25

TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE....................$72


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Who Can Benefit From These Powerful Mind Training AudioBooks?

  • Golf Players Who Have The Passion To "Win" Each Golf Tournament. Yes, You Read It Right!
  • Golf Players Who Are Smart Enough To Place More Importance On Winning Than About Perfect Techniques.
  • Golf Players Who Are Wise Enough To Place More Importance On The Quality Of Practice Than Quantity Of Practice.
  • Golf Players Who Are Shrewd Enough To Make Sure They Are Doing It Right Than Just Doing It For The Heck Of It.
  • Golf Players Who Know Golf Training Needs Real Pressure Training.
  • Golf Players Who Want To Play Automatically!
  • Golf Players Who Want To Be Able Play Stressfree Game Enjoying It To The Fullest.
  • Golf Players Who Want To Play To Their Fullest Potential.
  • Golf Players Who Want To Jump Quickly From A Bad Phase To Good One.
  • Golf Players Who Want To Be Filled With Positivity And Let Go Of Mental Baggage.
  • Time Starved Golf Players Who Want To Play Outstanding Rounds Even With Very Little Practice.
  • Golf Players Who Want To Be Resilient To Recover Immediately From Any Bad Shot Or Game.
  • Golf Players Who Want To Improve The Performance Of Their Kids And To Keep Them Interested In It By Teaching Them To Enjoy The Game.

If You Answer Yes To Even One Of These Criteria, You Should Grab This Training Right Now!

YES! I Want To Play Outstanding GOLF With This "Powerful Mind Training AUDIOBOOK!"
YES! I'm Ready To Make Upgradation To The MASTER's Game.



AUDIOBOOK WORTH.........................$25

TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE....................$72




Very Limited Time Special Price - Only $12
Hurry, We Are Increasing The Price Very Soon!










Dear Golfer,

The truth about Golf is: "Golf is won in mind first before winning it in the tournament!

Can you explain the reasons behind the following phenomena?

  1. Why does a golfer feel less pressure over a 15-footer than a 5-footer?
  2. Why does your body suddenly freeze over playing a shot?
  3. Why do you keep on repeating the same silly mistakes?
  4. Why is your mind so full of negativity during the tournament?
  5. Why do you give terrible performance despite outstanding performance on the practice range?
  6. Why can't you ever get it right despite being coached in  all the 'so called powerful techniques?'
  7. Why don't you ever get satisfaction from the game?

The answer is "Wrong Mind Conditioning." The Mind is the root cause of everything you do. The difference between a winning player & losing player is their 'Mindset'.

The real Winning Mind Set is automatic, unconcious and effortless. It's about pre-winning the battles.

I Sincerely hope you have a chance to be a part of this,

Pradeep Aggarwal















Best Regards

Darren Golsby
P.G.A member