The Process To Becoming A Golfing Champion

To become an elite level golfer today requires an approach to training in which no stone is left unturned. The old adage of hitting numerous balls on the practice fairway no longer applies.

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Golfers must learn to think both on and off the course and therefore develop a system of purposeful practice and training to succeed.

What is this article about?

Over the years teaching golf a lot of parents have wanted to know early whether their child can become a professional golfer.

In reply I say yes never discouraging such hope because the journey is long and their child may be a late developer. Besides many famous golfer's did not even taken up the game until age 19, case study: Greg Norman.

Also champion golfer's don't come in a mold, take Lee Trevino and Bernhard Langer for example, what's particularly interesting about both of these golfer's is neither had any "real" education or came from wealthy households however both of them went on to become world class golfing champions.

"I wouldn't be here if except for the golf tournament here. They're all the same- greens, tees. Im here because money is to be won"- Lee Trevino

So is becoming a golfing legend the product of hard work, training and good coaching, or do certain inborn abilities and talents determine who becomes a professional and who doesn't?

I am about to give to you the system for determining whether your child can become a golfing champion.

First here are some thoughts:

One of the biggest advantages of golf is children can start at a young age, regardless of their gender, physical abilities, and coordination remember though pushing your child too much may be pushing them right off the course, to much pressure and your child will probably rebel and quit. Instead be supportive in all circumstance's.

To start yelling at your child because of a bad performance is likely to stop them from taking the necessary action or practice to make it on tour.

The Process To Becoming A Golfing Champion Is: Raise the potential - Raise the action - Raise the beliefs - Raise the results!

Having worked with some of the best golf coach's in the world and seen players come through their academy's to pick which player will succeed or why some players make it and other's don't is very hard but if one wants to be brilliant he/she needs to be above average in many different skills. Here are some of them:

  • Physical skills
  • Technical skills
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Dynamic Balance
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Concentration


To become a golfing champion, your child must definitely be somewhat talented - or having potential in most of the above-mentioned skills for later development.

Some kids who play golf may not score well because they lack the power for hitting long enough. Other children may need more coordination and while they exhibit tremendous power to drive the ball at longer distances, they lack the ability to control its direction.

Another consideration to keep in mind is to watch how they play. Take a look at their individual shots such as their tee shots, chip shots, and putting. Try to analyze what areas they excel in as well as the type of scenarios which hold them back. Do they understand the game or are they merely hitting the ball as hard as they can?


The actions taken throughout the learning process will determine the results achieved. This is where discipline comes in, discipline is training expected to produce a specified character or pattern of behavior.

Also depending upon the individual belief's the amount of action taken can be either increased through good results or decreased from further bad results or perhaps the bad results could be coming from limiting beliefs.


The quickest way to change our circumstances is to change our habits.

Have a plan

Attach pain and pleasure

Build accountability


Train or take action

Peak performance comes from peak state, however most people never enter the zone because they don't stay in the present. In order to achieve results they are first created in the mind through visualization.

If your child is overwhelmed by becoming a golfing champion remember this quote:" The secret to getting ahead is getting started. The secret to getting started is breaking your overwhelming tasks into small, manageable tasks getting started on the first one." Mark Twain


Definition: The state of being certain; something is certain; "his victory is a certainty"

Having absolute certainty in ones capabilities and the probability of victory is the final piece of the system. I remember speaking with US Tour player Peter Lonard after he had won a tournament in Australia, and from the conversation I learnt he had an awareness that his result was achieved from his belief system , he basically believed he was going to win.

Also think back to Tiger Woods father and recall the actions he took to help Tiger as a child. Every single action grew bigger based on his sons results which in turn produced more belief in his abilities, which again unlocked more of his potential which would lead to more action and on and on.

In conclusion just like most achievements in life the road to success can be measured. In golf the best system for measuring progress is:

Potential - Action - Results - Belief

Article written by AAA Rated P.G.A member Darren Golsby