Become An Expert on Yourself And Play Your Best Golf

Too often, golf players look for solutions to their golf challenges outside of them - in books, lessons and online resources.

And too often golf players want to know more about their golf techniques: how they fare mentally in the round and how smart their golfing strategy is.

But very rarely do they explore their insides - the mind and the body - and know how they work when they are playing golf.

Let's start with two examples and then move on to some suggestions how knowing yourself can help you play better golf.

1. Automatic improvement of my putting

When I start a round and my putting is not going really well, I DON'T try to fix anything. Why?

Because I know that after 3 or 4  to holes I'll adjust to the current conditions (temperature, green, grain) and I'll get better feel for my putting since every missed putt and every good putt gives me feedback.

So, I know that my mind will start taking information from the putts already stroked in the round and make slight adjustments to the speed and stroke and this will happen totally subconsciously.

So, I am 100% sure that my putting will improve in time within the round.

That's because I know myself - my mind and body.

2. Getting rid of nervousness

If I feel nervous at the start of the round, I don't panic. It's slightly inconvenient but my everyone is very likely nervous too, so the conditions are the same for all of us.

I know that when I start playing, my concentration on the round and my swing will take over and I will simply forget to be nervous.

I also know that when I get totally warmed up, the slightly shaky feeling in my arms and legs will disappear.

Again, I don't have to do anything special to get rid of nervousness. I can help with some relaxation techniques and slow breathing, but even that's not necessary.

In fact, the more I will resist nervousness, the more it will persist. So I just accept it, don't care too much about it and keep playing.

Again - I know myself from hundreds of previous rounds where anxiety simply disappeared.

Do You Know Yourself?

Knowing how your mind and body adapt and work in a golf round will save you a lot of worrying and win you many more events.

Here are some of the things you should know about yourself:

1. What do you need to eat and drink the day before and on the day of the round to feel energized and hydrated?

2. How much sleep do you need to be fully rejuvenated the next day?

3. How much warm up (and how should you do it) do you need to be totally activated and ready to play your best golf from the first hole?

4. How do your shots (chipping, pitching, driver, putting) change (improve?) during the match?

5. Do you have any tricks or tips to help you improve each stroke sooner? (For example: I know that if my chipping is not good, I need to focus on keeping my eyes on the ball . As soon as I can see the ball clearly all the way to my clubface, I start hitting much cleaner chips.)

6. When do your mind and body typically fatigue in match? After 1 hour? 2 hours? Do you know how to fight fatigue at those moments?

7. Can you anticipate the moments when you typically get nervous in a match and mentally prepare for them in advance so that you'll minimize the effect of nerves at those moments?

Knowing the answers to these 7 questions will give you a good understanding of yourself, and you'll be able to predict how your body and mind will adapt in the round.

You'll also know how to best prepare yourself for a round based on the knowledge you have about yourself.

Your goal is to become an expert on yourself and know how to make the best of your abilities, skills and talents. Combine that with smart, simple and effective golf instruction and you're on your way to playing the best golf you are capable of.