When Is The Best Time Remove The Flagstick?

 When Is The Best Time Remove The Flagstick From The Hole?

When you are just off the green you have to make an important decision regarding the golf flagstick and decide whether you would like to remove the pin from the hole or leave it in.

This may not seem like an easy decision, but what happens when you have to play a short shot, what should you do?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, however there are definitely pros and cons to making each choice.

Here are a few scenarios to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to remove the flagstick when the time comes:

Golf When Is The Best Time To Remove The Flagstick? Australia

Removing The Flagstick

Pros: The benefit of removing the flagstick is that you clear the hole so that the ball can go in without any obstructions getting in the way. When the pin is removed, there is no worry about the ball bouncing against the flagstick and back out of the hole, which can be frustrating.

Cons: If you made a shot and the ball is heading for the hole, but is moving too fast, it now has an opportunity to roll right over.

Keeping The Flagstick In

Pros: If you decide to keep the flagstick in the hole, it can serve a good purpose by blocking a ball which is traveling at high speeds.

Also, you may even sink the ball into the hole as a result of the pin remaining inside, due to it stopping the ball from passing over so fast.

Cons: If you do not remove the flagstick, it may prevent the ball from falling into the hole.

It may bounce right off of the pin and depending upon the terrain of the green, especially if it is downhill from the hole, the ball may roll far away from the intended target.

Last Minute Tip: As we stated earlier, there is no hard and fast rule to making the decision of whether or not to remove the flagstick.

We have given you some sensible pros and cons when it comes to the flagstick, but you must also keep stock of other variables on the course you are playing on. Take note of the green.

You may want to leave the flagstick in the hole when hitting the ball on a downhill slope, or leave the pin in if you are making a shot up hill towards the hole.