Aaron Baddeley: "Staying Positive" - Friday Flash Interview


Aaron Baddeley's Friday Flash interview, when he meets the press after Round Two of the Sony Open 2021.

To turn around a string of cuts which he feels he often lost "by just one shot",  Aaron has received coaching from legendary Butch Harmon.  He references him through the interview, particularly in regard to dealing with pre-tournament stress and generally staying positive.  He talks about accepting or even "embracing" any feelings of anxiety (rather than fighting them, eg), and allowing them to add impetus to your game.

One thing Aaron has learned from Butch Harmon is, to "Trust the work you've put in."  He repeats this three separate times during the interview. 

The Australian Golf Digest has an in-depth article on some of the effects that Butch Harmon has had on Aaron Baddeley's game. 

From their intro: 

"In recent weeks, golf’s swing whisperer has provided council to players ranging from Jordan Spieth to Aaron Baddeley.

"Today, it paid off for Baddeley."

That article, from January 15, is linked Here.

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