Junior Golf Program aiming to give all kids a chance to hit the greens

Sep 15

Junior Golf Program aims to give all kids a chance
From Canada's Calgary Herald, by Jon McCarthy:
RBC Community Junior Golf Program aims to give ...


Cambia Portland Classic 2021, Oregon, 16-19 Sept ~ 21st Century Fault Lines

Sep 14

LPGA 2021, Cambia Portland Classic, Portland, Oregon, 16-19 September
The Portland Classic & 21st Century fault lines
Launched in 1972, the P...

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The iron age of golf

Aug 10

By Paul Vardy

Many people in golf have wondered for years what would be the impact of a recession on golf participation.  

Would people have ...

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My British Open Journal 2021

Aug 10

Wednesday. Brooks hates Bryson, I hate Patrick Reed and everyone hates the course. 

I’ve never seen so many players struggling to find the appro...

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A great time for a career in the golf industry

Jul 14

By Paul Vardy

Of the range of GMA services offered to its members, professional development events are the most in demand.  Managers recognise t...


Golf and Health during a pandemic

Apr 29

Golf as "part of the solution" to the pandemic
Last year England Golf called on the UK government to recognise golf as "part of the solution" to t...

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All in the family

Apr 8

Does golf do enough to retain young, time-poor parents as club members?

The answer, unfortunately, is a resounding “no!”

This questio...