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Aust golf stars pay tribute to Lyle at PGA

Aug 10 '18

Marc Leishman cracked a beer not long after he heard the devastating news that Jarrod Lyle had died after a 20-year battle with cancer.He figures i...

Aus club pro Hocknull relishes major debut

Aug 10 '18

Australian club pro Craig Hocknull says he'll never forget the feeling of being two shots off the lead at a major championship and hearing a crowd ...

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Cancer battle claims golfer Jarrod Lyle

Aug 09 '18

Australian golfer Jarrod Lyle, who has died aged 36, hopes his long battle with cancer inspires other families suffering through the disease.And hi...

Reaction to golfer Jarrod Lyle's death

Aug 09 '18

REACTION TO THE DEATH OF GOLFER JARROD LYLE* "He asked that I provide a simple message: 'Thanks for your support, it meant the world. My time was s...

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Lyle remembered for much more than golf

Aug 09 '18

Over the past 15-or-so summers, just about the best news any golf fan in Australia could hear was that Jarrod Lyle would be playing in the Masters ...

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Wrong Tommy Fleetwood gets paid for Open

Aug 09 '18

Tommy Fleetwood got paid more than $US150,000 ($A201,000) in prize money from last month's British Open.But it was not paid to the Tommy Fleetwood ...

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In-form Thomas ready for US PGA defence

Aug 09 '18

On the eve of his US PGA Championship title defence, Justin Thomas says his confidence levels are at a career-high having battled final round nerve...

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Aussies brace for hot and humid PGA Champ

Aug 09 '18

Cameron Smith says his time spent playing golf in tropical south-east Asia has prepared him for a stinking hot and humid US PGA Championship.Playin...


2018 PGA Championship preview

Aug 08 '18

The final major championship of 2018 is in St. Louis at Bellerive Country Club for the 100th playing of the PGA Championship. 7 multiple winners this season including the top 30 in the FedExCup rankings and 4-time PGA Champion Tiger Woods are in the field.

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PGA course a bomber's paradise: Tiger

Aug 08 '18

Tiger Woods has predicted golf's big hitters will hold the US PGA Championship to ransom with soft, wet conditions forecasted for the year's final ...