Bryson DeChambeau's Monster Drive at Arnold Palmer (Have you ever seen a shot like this?)


DeChambeau's Monster Drive 

370 yards...   The longest drive on the 6th hole since 2003.

Saturday 6th March 2021, Arnold Palmer Invitational, Round 3

Captured here on vid on twitter   -  "Ball speed 194 mph

From Brentley Romine at Sports.Yahoo:

Bryson DeChambeau's mighty swat doesn't find the 6th green, but it does blow minds.

For two days, DeChambeau took the conservative line at the 555-yard hole, declaring that the wind just wasn’t right. He had tried twice in a similar breeze during the practice round, coming up well short on both tries. Yet, when he arrived at the sixth hole and felt the fan blowing downwind, DeChambeau decided to give it go – not at the green, but at a still-mindboggling-aggressive line about 70 yards from the putting surface...

...Feeling the energy, DeChambeau stepped up to the plate, gave it a mighty lash and watched the ball sail over the water. With the ball still in the air, DeChambeau raised both arms in the air and pointed to the sky.    Full description here



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