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Portsea Golfer Classic 20th December 2019 (VIC)

Start: 20/12/2019, Entry: $99.00

Finish the year in style in our final Golfer Classic Event for 2019 at the spectacular Portsea Golf Club! Grab your spot for just $99 p/p

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2019 HangLoosa Peregian Challenge

Start: 25/05/2019, End: 25/05/2019, Monthly, Entry: $74.00

Courtesy of our friends at HangLoosa Real Estate, the HangLoosa Peregian Challenge is on and is open to all golfers that would like to test themsel...

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Royal Queensland Golfer Classic 11th Nov (QLD)

Start: 11/11/2019, End: 11/11/2019, Entry: $179.00

Play one of Australia’s most exclusive member golf courses Royal Queensland Golf Club in motorised carts and enjoy a gourmet BBQ at completion prepared by their world class chef and play for $1000s of prizes. Only $179 p/p

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Early Bird Special Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club Golfer Classic 2nd August 2019! (NSW)

Start: 02/08/2019, End: 02/08/2019, Entry: $89.00

Come along and participate in our Sydney golf event at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club! Includes Golf Cart, BBQ and a Fantastic Selection of Prizes $89 p/p.

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Eynesbury Golfer Classic 13th October 2019 (VIC)

Start: 13/10/2019, Entry: $75.00

Come along and participate in our Melbourne event at Eynesbury Golf Club!

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Golfer Premier Event at Metropolitan Golf Club 18th November 2019

Start: 18/11/2019, Entry: $249.00

Don't miss out on this one in a lifetime opportunity to experience the world-renowned Metropolitan Golf Club at our Golfer Premier Event 2019!

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Cypress Lakes Golfer Classic 24th September 2019! (NSW)

Start: 24/09/2019, End: 24/09/2019, Entry: $99.00

Come along and participate in our Hunter Valley golf event at Cypress Lakes Golf Resort! Includes Golf Cart, BBQ and a Fantastic Selection of Prize...

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Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club Golfer Classic 12th September 2019 (NSW)

Start: 12/09/2019, End: 12/09/2019, Entry: $119.00

Come along and participate in our Central Coast golf event at Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club ! Includes Golf Cart, BBQ and a Fantastic Sele...

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Mornington Golf Club Golfer Classic 6th September 2019 (VIC)

Start: 06/09/2019, End: 06/09/2019, Entry: $59.00

Come along and participate in our Melbourne event at Mornington Golf Club with a Fantastic Selection of Prizes. Grab your spot for just $59 p/p

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Golfer Tour - Sanctuary Cove Golf Club 26th September 2019 (QLD)

Start: 26/09/2019, Entry: $99.00

Play one of Gold Coast’s most exclusive golf courses Sanctuary Cove Golf Club in motorised carts and enjoy a gourmet BBQ at completion prepared by their world class chef while playing for $1000s of prizes.