Dr. Efrati and Dr.Murray discuss the importance of golfers’ wellbeing, optimising performance


Dr. Shai Efrati and Dr. Andrew Murray discuss the importance of professional golfers’ wellbeing to optimise their performance

In the video above, European Tour Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Andrew Murray, and Prof Shai Efrati MD, Chair of Medical Advisory Board at Aviv Clinics, caught up during the Aviv Dubai Championship to discuss all the important role that brain performance plays in golf, and the newly launched Aviv Golf Performance Program.

From European Tour News, 14/11/21:

·      Prof Shai Efrati, MD, Chair of Medical Advisory Board, Aviv Clinics met with Dr Andrew Murray, the Chief Medical Officer for European Tour Golf, to discuss how crucial cognitive and physical health is for golfers to prolong their careers and enhance their performance


During the discussion, Dr Murray said: “Golf is enormously good for brain health. It adds years to life. It’s very interesting to have a technological facility like Aviv Clinics and I was very interested to visit it. We're always working on how we can support our players to be at their best, because we know the difference between winning a golf tournament and not winning a golf competition is less than 1%.”

Dr Murray went onto discuss how The European Tour is continually monitoring its professionals and thinking of ways in which they can help them be at the top of their games, while reducing stress and other negative impacts, as well as focusing on increasing the longevity of players’ careers, health and safety and overall improvement.  Read more

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