Hannah Green has won the LPGA Tour AON Risk Reward Challenge! (with million dollar prize)


Australian Hannah Green has won the LPGA Tour 2021 AON Risk Reward Challenge (with million dollar prize)

"Congratulations Hannah!"  

From LPGA Tour, by LPGA Communications:

NAPLES, Fla. – Aon plc (NYSE: AON), a leading global professional services firm, and the LPGA Tour today announced that Hannah Green has won the 2021 Aon Risk Reward Challenge trophy and the $1 million prize.

When Aon and the LPGA Tour launched the Aon Risk Reward Challenge, the goal was to create a season-long competition that recognized players who use information and insight to make better decisions on some of the most strategically challenging holes on Tour.

Green’s ability to maximize opportunity propelled her to deliver the best season-long scoring average on Aon Risk Reward Challenge holes across the LPGA Tour.

Her strategic approach and better decision making enabled her to birdie 72 percent and eagle almost 10 percent of the Aon Risk Reward Challenge holes that counted within the 40 minimum rounds necessary to qualify for the Challenge.

Additionally, on Aon Risk Reward Challenge par-5s during the 2021 season, Green’s Go-for-Green success rate was 68 percent, compared to the LPGA Tour field average of 46 percent. She did not score worse than par on a single qualifying Challenge hole. Read more

From Yahoo!Sports, USA Today, by Beth Ann Nichols:

Any day that an LPGA player receives a $1 million paycheck is a monumental occurrence. The fact that it will happen twice this week is a headline-grabbing affair.

Hannah Green joins the PGA Tour’s Matthew Wolff as the 2021 Aon Risk Reward Challenge winners. Both received a $1 million prize. In addition, the winner of this week’s season-ending CME Group Tour Championship will receive $1.5 million.

“I actually wanted to buy a house during the off-season,” said Green, “so this gives me an opportunity to actually play comfortably. It is quite difficult to buy houses in Australia, especially as a sports person with the not-frequent income, and as well as foreign income.

“So in a way for me, it will be life-changing.”  Read more

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