Harris English: Friday Flash Interview


"He looked like he was doing backflips or something."

Not a comment on any other golfer, rather, Harris English was describing the whales they had seen from the course. There's a sense of wonder evoked by those giants of the ocean, "backflipping".

And for anyone who thinks the life of a professional golfer is 'all sweet',  he describes his time at Kapalua as, in effect, offering a surreal break from "the grind of being a golfer".  Clearly, he is loving his time on Maui.

His comment on his own game at the end of Round 2 at TOC:  "I feel like I managed the game pretty well today. Six birdies, no bogeys..."

Commentator:  "Big names coming at you all day, but you never looked like you were worried at all. Just kept doing your thing and putting yourself in a great spot."

English:  "Yeah.  I mean, I know, a course like this with no wind, you can go get it...  I saw some low numbers on the board and I knew,  you've got to keep the same strategy, keep the peddle down."

He was also asked, "Are we in line for a shoot-out this weekend do you think?"

"Yes.  Of course..."

He noted that if the wind whips up again, a lot could change.

Among the star-studded lineup at this Tournament of Champions, English is unassuming and unpretentious.  Hopefully, the wind won't change too soon or too violently.

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