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23-Feb-2021 By Inside Golf - Free
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OGIO Inc., a leading innovator of sports and travel bags, backpacks, and golf bags, have reintroduced a new and improved version of their iconic WOODĒ Tops, a management system that provides a better way to organise your golf clubs. 

Yes, the WOODĒ top is back, and so is the Ball Silo, Rapid Access Snap Pockets, and a colour palette that can only be described as Mild to Wild.

The WOODĒ Cart bag delivers a better way to organise your clubs and everything else you bring to the golf course. By separating your woods from your irons, it’s not only easier to find the club you are looking for, but it also protects your woods. And with Rapid Access Snap Pockets for your valuables and golf balls, this is OGIO’s easiest to use cart bag.

The WOODĒ Hybrid bag also offers an optimum organisation experience with the WOODĒ Top, Rapid Access Snap Pockets and innovative Ball Silo. With the new WOODĒ Hybrid bag, it has never been easier and faster to grab another golf ball or any of your belongings when you need them.

Colours available: OGIO WOODĒ Cart bag: Black, Blue Floral, Graveyard Skull, Grey & Radar Waves. OGIO WOODĒ Hybrid bag: Black, Blue, Graveyard Skull & Radar Waves


OGIO WOODĒ Cart bag:                 $379.99

OGIO WOODĒ Hybrid bag:            $359.99


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