PGA Championship 2021, Kiawah Island, Ocean Course: 20-23 May


2021 PGA Championship 20-23 May, Kiawah Island, Ocean Course, SC

Significance of winning the PGA Championship 

The US PGA Championship is the only tournament among the four major championships which is exclusively for professional players. In terms of the winner's career, a PGA Championship win is momentous. 

The winner's privileges include automatic invitation to play in the other three majors, the Masters, the U.S. Open and The Open Championship, - for the next five years. 

Similarly, the winner will receive invitations to The Players Championship for the next five years. 

For future PGA Championships, eligibility is for life.

The winner also receives membership on the PGA Tour for the next five seasons, and on the European Tour for the following seven seasons.  

There is also the winner's share of the purse, of course, which continues to be just shy of US $2,000,000.  

As well as the Wanamaker Trophy which the winner holds for one year, a smaller-sized one is also presented and this one is to keep.

The Wanamaker Trophy is a replica since the original was lost in the 1920s (before being re-found in the '30s).  An entertaining version of how the original Wanamaker Trophy disappeared is at  It gives a lively insight into on and off-course life of tournament golfers, and professional rivalry, in the roaring '20s.

A list of those who have won the PGA Championship in previous years, including multiple times, is here.

2021 PGA

Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Ocean Course

2021 PGA Championship Leaderboard

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