Scotland's Golf Courses Open Under Lockdown


In Scotland, the traditional Home of Golf, courses can remain open during the stricter lockdown conditions in the UK.

Bunkered reports that "courses and driving ranges can remain open providing appropriate steps are taken to ensure compliance with the current guidance". 

They also refer to the petition in England calling for golf courses to be re-opened, which "has attracted almost 130,000 signatures at the time of writing".  [January 13 2021] 

More about that petition, here on Golfer.

A reminder:  In Australia, interest in golf has surged during the pandemic as people search for ways to keep fit and healthy during the various levels of lockdown.  

From Inside Golf:

Importantly for the industry and its future, rounds played by people in the 20-49 age range have skyrocketed in the past four months.

Since the “first wave” of Covid-19 restrictions in April, demand in that cohort has climbed by 44 per cent, meaning a total 22 per cent lift on 2019.

From Golf News UK:   England Golf CEO Jeremy Tomlinson is pressing the UK government to consider golf as part of the solution to the nation’s current public health crisis, rather than another problem.

Tomlinson:  "Golf really is a sporting version of a walk in the countryside.  It’s in the open air, you naturally socially distance, you don’t touch anybody else’s equipment, you get a mental and physical boost from taking part.  It’s enjoyable and relaxing."

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