Sony Open 2021 - Final Round Highlights


Highlights from the final round of the Sony Open 2021 are in the video above.

Overall, the mood among players in Hawaii, both at Kapalua and at Waialae, has been one of buoyancy and optimism. Golf is finding a way to adapt and move forward as a sport, within the framework of the pandemic.  With the weather bringing added support in the form of warm sunny days and light sea breezes, Hawaii at times has felt like an island of tranquillity and sanity in a wider world of uncertainty and change. 

Of course there are the new strict protocols, but as it is understood that these are for everyone's safety, people adapt.  Everyone, including golfers, caddies, volunteers and PGA personnel all have to undergo testing for Covid, more than once. 

Then there is the absence of spectators.  For seasoned professional players this was a distinct change that they had to adjust to.  However from the way that so many were playing, and the resulting top-heavy leaderboard, the lack of crowds has not adversely affected players' ability to focus on their game.

All players who made the cut receive some share of the prize money. GolfWeek lists the payouts here.  


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