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2021 Masters Tournament at Augusta National 

Springtime at Augusta - And how to follow (linked)

It is spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and the grounds of Augusta National have abundant evidence of this. In 2021 this is no ordinary springtime.  It is the end of a long, cold, hard and often cruel winter, wracked by Covid and by storms and other weather events.  

In Australia it may not be springtime, but it is a time when many are desperately looking for a lighter and brighter future ahead. Hopefully we're all beginning to emerge from the pandemic, while many are cleaning up after floods and shaking off the ashes of the past.

The video above speaks to a new gleam of hope for the future, found not only in the stunningly beautiful flora around but also in the enthusiasm, optimism and camaraderie found on the golf course.

Australia's ABC has a top article on "How to follow the Aussies", linked here.

They will also have a live blog, from Sunday a.m (our time), at ABC Sport.

From that link:

The word from the ground is Augusta is back to its firm and fast best, a welcome change after last year's delayed tournament made for a softer course and far easier November conditions.

The forecast is a little touch-and-go, with thunderstorms set to be lurking throughout the final three days. The locals are apparently suggesting they may still get lucky though, but don't be surprised to see a bit of wet weather over the weekend.

Many other helpful links here.

Notes on the Aussies at Augusta, here.

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