St Andrews Caddie School for Soldiers Cancelled by Covid: "The Saddest Day"


This from The Courier, UK:

The founder of the world’s first Caddie School for Soldiers has revealed that cancelling plans to bring six traumatised war veterans to Fife in February due to Covid-19 restrictions was “one of the saddest days” he can remember.

American author and screenplay writer Don Snyder, who launched the Caddie School at the Duke’s Course, near St Andrews, in February 2019, had hoped to fly his third tranche of soldiers from the USA and Canada for four weeks of training and recuperation in Scotland. The pandemic and travel restrictions, however, have meant that he had to call the Training School off.

With many of the veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and facing “darkness and desolation”, Mr Snyder had hoped that even with tougher restrictions, his soldiers might have still been allowed to train as a ‘school’ in isolation.

However, given the developing wider circumstances in recent weeks, he has now accepted that this is no longer possible.

Full story from January 2021, with photos and additional links, at The Courier, UK

Background story from February 2020 also at The Courier, UK

When Don first dreamed of opening the Caddie School, Golf Channel covered it here.


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