What is happening with Women's Golf? Rod Morri raises difficult questions


What is happening right now with Women's Golf?

Is it selling its own cultural heritage and history? 

Rod Morri, writing for Golf Australia, brings difficult questions to the fore.

October 11, 2021:

This past week offered up a unique insight into the often confusing and frustrating conundrum that is women’s golf at the top level (the business, not the playing).

The same week the LPGA brought what should be one of their most important tournaments to a worthy golf course for the first time, one of their most historic events was decimated.

The Founders Cup – a 10-year-old event celebrating the extraordinary efforts of the 13 women who started the LPGA – was a showpiece in New Jersey played on a beautifully restored Donald Ross course at Mountain Ridge.

It is an event that could – or should – be worthy of major status or something approaching it.  Full article here


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