Wrong Tommy Fleetwood gets paid for Open

The European Tour has confirmed Tommy Fleetwood, a caddie, got paid $A208,000 instead of the professional by the same name for coming 12th at the British Open.

09-Aug-2018 By Andrew Both, Australian Associated Press
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Tommy Fleetwood got paid more than $US150,000 ($A201,000) in prize money from last month's British Open.

But it was not paid to the Tommy Fleetwood who played in the championship and finished equal 12th at Carnoustie.

Instead, it was sent to a 58-year-old by the same name who caddies at the Streamsong Resort in Bowling Green, Florida.

Caddie Fleetwood told Reuters he was trying to get in touch with English world No.11 to put the player's mind at ease that the money would be refunded.

"It was an honest mistake," Fleetwood said, sounding dumbfounded that he had suddenly become a focus of media attention.

"My mother called me to say she's been getting lots of calls from the media."

The European Tour confirmed the error.

"This was a clerical error which we are resolving and we apologise for the inconvenience caused to both parties," the European Tour said in a statement.

Caddie Fleetwood received a direct deposit of $US154,480 ($208,000).

"I tried to get on their senior tour, so they have my (bank) information," he said.

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