Golf Practice "S"

Short Putts

Concept: Instant Feedback – the path of the putter.

Action: This is an exercise which I consider to be perfect for building your stroke. It is best practiced on a relatively flat portion of the green—the straighter you can make the putt the better.

  1. Place the putter on the ground and place two tees on both sides, one on the heel and one on the toe of the putter head. There should be a gap of about half an inch on either side. You can reduce this gap as your confidence grows.
  2.  Now place a ball down and hit putts. The goal is to swing the putter head through the gate formed by the two tees.

If your stroke is at all crooked then either the heel or the toe of the putter will collide with one of the tees through impact.

If you miss a lot of putts during this practice drill, check the aim of the putter face at address. It could be that it is not square.

Shut Club Face

Concept: Pronate the forearm or hand so that the palmar surface is directed downwards.

Action: For accuracy throughout the swing, the club head starts away from the ball headed towards a “toe up” position. The position is a reliable checkpoint, indicating that the body is turning away from the ball with the forearms pronating.

Keep the club face square to the swing arc and open in relation to the target line.

Step Across

Concept: Shifting weight in the wrong direction or swaying has long been the scourge of many golfers. Getting behind the ball the correct way leads to more consistency.

Action: This action is designed to change your concept of getting behind the ball.

  1. Set up one step behind your normal position, side on to the ball.
  2. Start your backswing and step forward towards the ball with your left foot. (It should land in the position it would normally be set up in. Your right foot stays back.)
  3. Hit the ball and hold a balanced finish position.

Stripes Test

Concept: Are you passing the stripes test? Next time you wear a horizontal striped shirt to golf find a mirror or a window so you can see your reflection.

Action: Set up and start your backswing checking the first foot of your swing. Make sure the stripes on your shirt remain level. If the stripes are tilted, work on the direction of your turn.

Note: To do this you need to be in a good set-up position.

Stick With Shots You Know

Concept: Professional golfers do not enter a contest and play shots they have not become familiar with in practice.

Action: You would never expect to give a bike to a child who never rode one before, push them down a hill, and expect them to stay on without practicing beforehand, right? The result would be an accident.

On the golf course the same goes, eg. If you have never practiced a flop shot, don’t attempt to play it. Just go with the shot within your means, perhaps a chip shot, for example.

Note: It pays dividends to make your practice harder than your play.